Deferred Action

Attorney Enrique Mesa

There are many complexities involved in fighting deportation and removal from the United States. Attorney Enrique Mesa has successfully helped hundreds of clients nationwide to remain here to work and live. You should definitely seek legal representation if you are facing any type of immigration action such as removal or deportation. If you can gain deferred action status, you have some breathing room and years of time to change the potential outcome to a positive. It is essential, however, that you contact Enrique right away, or have a family member make that important call to Enrique Mesa, Immigration Lawyer.

National Immigration & Deferred Action Lawyer

There is new legislation that applies to certain young people who were brought into the United States and who have lived here for a specified period of time that allows them to seek a deferred action status with regard to immigration. Their living status must be verified, and they should definitely seek help from a National Immigration & Deferred Action Lawyer for the best opportunity to remain in this country. Attorney Enrique Mesa has helped numerous immigrant clients to achieve this important status rating and gain renewal for additional years of relief from removal or deportation actions.

Seek Legal Representation from Enrique Mesa

If you have any concerns with getting deferred action or are facing deportation, immediately contact Enrique Mesa, Immigration Lawyer, at his law offices in Manchester, NH. Call Enrique today, at (603) 296-2222 for legal representation.

For more information about deferred action, read our frequently asked questions.

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